Best Tribute Bands Melbourne

Tribute Band HireThe Music Group manages Australia’s best tribute bands including world famous ABBA tribute band Bjorn Again, Spice Girls, Taylor Swift, Queen, Elton John and Foo Fighters tribute bands.

Tribute bands are a look-alike, sound-alike band that is just like the real thing. Our tribute bands perform music from some of the greatest bands of all time – If you are looking for the best Tribute bands in Melbourne, you’ve found them.

What’s the next best thing to seeing your favourite legendary or contemporary music act of the past and present? A tribute band!

Hire a band in Melbourne for your event today!

Why book one of Melbourne’s best tribute bands?

A great tribute band expertly captures the magic of the real thing. So if your favourite musical act is not currently on tour, if they’re sold out, permanently disbanded or even sadly departed, a tribute band just keeps on rocking.

As the name implies, it’s a respectful, fun and skilled ‘tribute’ and recreation of the look, sound and live style of the real thing, performed by a highly talented cover artist or group.

The Music Group is proud to bring you nothing but Australia’s leading tribute bands and acts, including the world-famous ABBA rebirth Bjorn Again, recreations of the much-loved English pop princesses Spice Girls, the brilliant Freddie Mercury and Queen, Elton John, current superstars Taylor Swift and Foo Fighters, and more.

There’s something particularly fun, entertaining and even a little magical about really ‘seeing’ those musical legends and heroes from the past and present rocking out a live track you maybe thought you’d never hear and feel live again – and it’s all within your grasp without the huge stadium ticket price or the true-life diva turning up unfashionably late!

What makes a truly exceptional tribute band?

Strap yourself in for a wild ride, because our talented and consummate tribute bands are not your average, cringe-worthy cover act wearing a costume or silly wig. Ok, Elton Jack isn’t the real Rocket Man, and the Robbie Williams Experience will not actually transport you back to that stadium from 2003 – but it gets you so darn close you’ll almost forget!

The very best tribute acts – like our Faux Fighters, Katy Perry ROAR and many others – still absolutely pack out venues because they deliver almost exactly what you expect from the actual stars they recreate. And just between us and you, we think a brilliant tribute act can sometimes be as good or even more entertaining than the real thing!

So if you want a exceptional look-alike, sound-alike tribute to your musical heroes that pay homage to their masters with respect, fun and true talent, here they are – The Music Group delivers only the best tribute bands Melbourne and beyond has to offer.